We also have a communal kitchen, self-service laundry, and other facilities to help our guests enjoy their stay at their own pace.
Rental services are also available, so please feel free to ask.


The lobby has picture books, toys, sports toys, insect cages, and more. Please feel free to ask the front desk staff.
There's a shopping corner next to the lobby where you can buy accessories made with Tango crepe fabric (a local specialty), herbal goods, and more.

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  • The hotel is fully accessible. Rental wheelchairs are also available free of charge.
  • We have one 25.5-㎡ accessibility guest room.
    Bathroom (with bidet toilet): Handrails
  • There's a parking space for wheelchair users in front of the entrance ramp.
accessible entrance
  • accessible guestrooms
  • wheelchair
  • accessible Bathroom:Handrails
  • Self-service laundry
    Self-service laundry2F

    We have a self-service laundry for guests staying for consecutive nights or one's who've been swimming.

  • Public kitchen
    Public kitchen4F

    This is very convenient for guests staying for consecutive nights, and for preparing simple food (e.g., for a barbecue). Chopping boards, pots, etc. are also available to rent.

  • Free Wi-Fi
    There's free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.Throughout the hotel.

    It can be accessed from the computers in the lobby, and in the guest rooms if you have your computer.

  • Vending machines
    Vending machines3F 5F

    There's soda, coffee, beer, and other liquors.

  • Electric vehicle charging stand
    Electric vehicle charging stand

    We have two standard electric vehicle charging stands.