This is two minutes' walk from our hotel.Amanohashidate OnsenKurhaus Iwataki

Amanohashidate Iwataki Onsen Kurhaus Iwataki is a bathing facility that uses hot spring water at 58.5°C, flowing at 211 liters per minute. It has a wide range of bathtubs and saunas, fitness rooms, break rooms, hot spring pools, and more. It's a great leisure facility for families and groups.

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Opening hours
10:00 to 22:00 (Last admission at 21:30)
Every Thursday
(And sometimes other days as well. Open on Thursday if it's a national holiday, and closed the next instead.)

Swimwear is allowed, so everyone can soak in the natural hot spring water together while admiring the view of Amanohashidate.
It has a wide range of baths, including saunas, bubble baths, aroma baths, waterfall baths, and sauna boxes.
Because swimwear is allowed in the baths, families, groups, and couples can enjoy them together.

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Natural Hot Spring Pool
The natural hot spring pool has a thrilling water slide that goes outside the building.
The pool has four 25-m lanes. There's a shallow pool as well, so it's great for people with children, too.
Public Bath (Naked bathing)
Amanohashidate Iwataki Onsen's spring water is colorless, tasteless, clear, and smells faintly of hydrogen sulfide. The sulfur smell is very faint, so even people who don't like the smell of hot springs won't have to worry.
The wide variety of natural hot spring baths includes ones where you ladle the water over yourself, half-body baths, full-body baths, water baths, whirl pool baths, jacuzzis, lie-down baths, and saunas.